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Name:  Dulaboina Hari Sankar

Age: 12


Gender: Male


Birthday: August 17, 2001     


Study:  7th Standard



Biography: Sankar has no one to care for him. He has one older brother and one younger sister and they currently live with relatives. Their future is questionable as both their mother and father are deceased. The relatives live in the village and Sankar must work whenever the caretakers send him. Their life is very bleak and uncertain. Some loving and compassionate sponsor has to come to the aid of these children particularly in educating this boy. It costs $40 for a child for a month. This includes his food, uniform, books, medicine, fees, shoes, etc. Please pray for him and his brother and sister. Heri Sankar is a brilliant boy. We want to lead him to Jesus for salvation. Thank you.


Environment: Resides with the relatives in the village, orphaned for reasons unknown. His village is a poor country village. All the houses are thatched, mud floors etc. The houses are closely built and so the sanitation is poor. Hygienic conditions are moderate. They eat rice and curries of different kinds. Some eat rice with water. This boy deserves your kind sponsorship. Please help him in praying so that the Lord will find a sponsor. Thank you. 


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